Q. What does affordable housing actually mean, and how will I know if I qualify?

A generally accepted guideline is that housing is affordable if it does not cost more than one third of a household’s total income. Safe, decent, and affordable housing stabilizes families and is related to better health outcomes. Having affordable housing in communities bolsters economic growth by ensuring all segments of the workforce have a quality place to live. We invite you to learn more on our page about Applying for Housing.


Q. What can I do to ensure a smooth application process?

Nearly all of our properties offer online applications. Please visit our How to apply page to learn more about what documentation is required. This will help alleviate unknowns about the process which takes time and patience (and the timely cooperation of employers, banks, and other organizations involved in verifying your application). In order to provide the quality of housing we offer residents across Iowa, it’s imperative that our application processes be performed in strict accordance with each property’s unique Tenant Selection Plan.