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For purposes of housing at Phenix School Apartments, CHI shall define “artist” as a person who actively participates in and has made a long-term commitment to practice one of the various creative arts as a profession, or practitioner who demonstrates proficiency in the arts with a dedication beyond the level of casual hobbyist.

Examples of the Arts may include, but is not limited to:
  • Visual arts: Sculptor, painter, photographer, illustrator, textile or fiber artist, videographer, filmmaker, designer, printmaker, folk artist, potter, glassblower, metalworker,  ceramic artist, fashion designer, graphic or digital designer, graphic artist, calligrapher, woodworker, mosaic artist, jewelry designer, stone artist, mixed media artist, or architect.
  • Performance art: Singer, actor, dancer, musician, comic, entertainer, mime, magician, puppet master, performance artist, choreographer.
  • Creative arts: Author, playwright, poet, composer, screen writer, film or theater director.
The definition of Artist, for this application, does not include individuals who are employed by but not actively creating art. Examples would include docent, usher, art critic, teacher, film reviewer, ticket agent, curator or commercial painter. If an applicant presents a form of art that is not provided in examples above, CHI management staff shall seek review and approval from the Director of Property Management or Chief Operating Officer. 

Artist Application Process

All applicants will be subject to Community Housing Initiatives’ application, credit and criminal background check process. Further, applicants seeking designation as an artist for prioritization of housing will submit at least two of the following three items and photographs of their artwork:

  1. Evidence of professional income derived from the sale of art, including any commission work, sale of art or pay for performance.
  2. Evidence of public display or commercial promotion of art (i.e. webpage, Etsy store, art show display booth, participation in film festival, etc.).
  3. Documentation of graduation certificate or diploma from an art institute, college, university or community college having earned a degree in an artistic field.
Residents seeking housing in a CDBG assisted affordable housing unit will further be subject to income and asset verification processes required by Phenix School Apartment program requirements. 

Only one person per household is required to meet the artist standards set forth here for the household to qualify as an artist household.

Use of Tools and Equipment on Site

Use of power tools, open flame, combustible materials or high heat source will be regulated by the Phenix School House Rules.

The Tenant Selection Plan (TSP)

Our complete set of policies for processing applications, including credit and criminal background checks, guidelines on income restrictions, and wait lists is called the Tenant Selection Plan.

The Tenant Selection Plan for Phenix School Apartments will prioritize artist applicants. It is important to note non-artists may apply for housing, however, the TSP will clearly define that available housing units will be held vacant 90 days for occupancy by applicants who meet the definition of artist under the terms of this policy.  In addition, qualified artist households will always have preference over non-artist qualified households, regardless of application date or duration on the waiting list.

Last updated September, 2019.


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