Resident Services

The Resident Services Department (RS) of Community Housing Initiatives, Inc. (CHI), provides a unique level of service in affordable multi-family housing. Our RS team works diligently to prevent evictions and sustain properties by serving as physical and mental health liaisons and communication specialists. Our first-hand experiences and data confirm affordable housing is critical for families to thrive. CHI Resident Services Specialists may provide the following services:

Eviction Prevention
Resident Services works with families to connect them to rental assistance, community resources and non-profit partners to retain housing. RS Team members can also provide lease/renter education to help residents understand why they have received a violation notice, expectations of successful renters, and corrective behaviors to allow them to continue leasing their apartment.

Physical and Mental Health Liaison
Property Managers, Maintenance Staff, neighbors, and family members may alert CHI Resident Services to physical and mental health issues impacting residency. Resident Services staff reach out to residents, their emergency contacts, and care teams to help people access community resources and prevent homelessness or efficiently transition to a higher level of care.

Successful Families
The CHI Resident Services team is helping families to connect with employment opportunities, childcare, and family stability services.

Community Building
People who feel connected to their property, neighborhood and community have a personal stake in the health and stability of their environment. By helping our residents link to their property and City, we help create stronger Iowa communities.

Communications Specialists
Residents of affordable housing often do not have direct access to government information releases, program applications, and local news about community relief efforts. The CHI RS Team receives information about resources from federal, state, and local governments, and quickly disseminates program requirements, participation guidelines, and application information to residents via property management software notification, on-site postings, and direct mailings. Residents are then able to respond to the Resident Services team with questions and receive assistance with applications and income qualifications.