Community Housing Initiatives condemns vandalism to Des Moines murals as community rallies to support repairs

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Community Housing Initiatives works to make Iowa communities safe, inclusive places to live for everybody based in our conviction that people should be treated with care and respect.  Recently, we were all dismayed as murals sponsored by our community development program in Des Moines were defaced by symbols of hate.  We reject this destructive vandalism in the strongest possible terms.

Since then, the response from so many people has been overwhelmingly positive in chipping in to help repair the damage that was done and make a clear statement that these acts of vandalism and their divisive message have no place in the community.  We are grateful for this show of support.

This experience reminds all of us that we share a daily responsibility to make Iowa communities welcoming and safe for all our neighbors. We stand with our communities in affirming our commitment to act on this responsibility.

To show your support to the repair of the affected public art, you may make a secure online contribution to the repair and future protection of these murals.

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