Phenix School is ‘internet hub’ in Valley Junction

  |     |   Central Iowa News

Through an innovative partnership between the City of West Des Moines and Microsoft, Phenix School is playing a new role helping the Valley Junction neighborhood in West Des Moines access free broadband internet service.

On Wednesday, the city and project partners held a press conference at Phenix School to deliver updates about the effort, which is also providing free internet service to residents living in our apartments.

The main transmitters to supply the internet service are installed atop Phenix School’s chimney, determined by project engineers to be the best available location to reach the widest area.

Public wireless signals are now available both at Railroad Park and along historic 5th Street in Historic Valley Junction, allowing the public to connect to the internet while visiting the popular shopping and entertainment district.

Through a partnership with the West Des Moines Community Schools, low and moderate income students at nearby Hillside Elementary (WDMCS) can sign up to receive an internet signal in their home.

Aureon and Ovation Networks, Inc are among the partner companies helping provide infrastructure and internet access to make the system work.

Over time, project partners say they’ll focus on expanding the new service to even more parts of the neighborhood.

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