A word on looting, generators, and food assistance

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Hello Cedar Rapids Residents, 

It’s important to us to stay in close contact with you as we uncover details that might be helpful while navigating this difficult time.

  • Please lean on friends and neighbors to stay informed about current and forecasted weather conditions
  • The utility company cannot give us an estimated time of when power will be restored, as soon as we know, we will pass the information along
  • We advise all residents to turn off your breakers to your apartment so when your electricity is restored, this will prevent a power surge from ruining your electric devices

A Word of Caution About Looting
Please be aware of potential looting opportunities; always have your vehicle locked and make the #9pmroutine your routine:  

  • At 9PM make sure your apartment and vehicle are locked
  • Close any unnecessary windows
  • If you are leaving your apartment, please make sure everything is locked and closed

Regarding Generators
Regretfully we cannot allow the usage of generators at our properties. In accordance with our insurance company and emergency management, the high carbon dioxide fumes generated and the space required to safely run a generator, make them unsuitable for an apartment environment.

Food options for today, August 14th
1 PM     Taylor Neighborhood, Near Taylor Elementary 
3 PM     LADD Library, 3750 Williams Blvd SW

Food options for tomorrow, August 15th
2-4PM    Redmond Park | Fill a bag of food for FREE

We understand you are in an incredibly challenging situation. If you have a medical need that requires electricity, please reach out to Brittany Spieker and she will be happy to assist in any way.

— CHI Regional Management & Resident Services

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